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Achieving the best possible value for our clients.

Allen Lowry - , Senior Project Manager, UC Davis

PRIMEbusiness can tailor its services to the needs of almost any client involved in the long process of project development: design review, value engineering, and construction management.

Jon R. Koster, Architect

Without a doubt, PRIMEbusiness saved our project the cost of their services many times over by identifying potential change order items and by recommending more cost-effective design solutions.

Andrew Del Pinal Sparks, PE, RA - Senior Associate, Steinberg Hart

“PRIMEbusiness has changed the way we approach renovation and retrofitting, They are the first team member we engage for all new pursuits. ”

Bill Starr- Executive Director, ICP (ret), UC Davis

“PRIMEbusiness has added tremendous value on every project they have assisted me on. Their valuable insight into addressing key constructibility and cost control issues is born from a wealth of direct experience in building construction. They are proactive in plan review, preventing many problems before they occur. In addition, they are also skilled in analysis of construction progress and change order negotiations. They are consistently able to provide support where it is needed to move projects forward effectively.”

Kevin Hinrichs - Project Manager, The Design Partnership

PRIMEbusiness’ review provided a thorough analysis of our documents and an important perspective on the potential complications of our project. His comments were obviously based on a great deal of experience with similar projects and for the same client.

Christine Vargas - Sr. Project Manager, UC Davis

“By engaging PRIMEbusiness for both constructability review and cost estimating at all critical milestones during design for both projects, the project design teams were able to develop cost effective solutions in real-time.”


Planning and Programming

As a sturdy foundation is critical to a solid building proper programming and planning is critical to a solid project.


Providing design services is characterized by a fusion of expertise, innovation, and a commitment to exceeding client expectations.


Pre-Construction services apply to projects currently in the design and development stages.

Construction Administration

If a project has begun construction, PRIMEbusiness moves to a Construction Administration approach.


Our last group of services relates to collecting and/or evaluating data from a project and turning it into applicable information.


Dean W. Ranns

Dean W. Ranns


Dean N. Ranns

Dean N. Ranns

Principal Cost Professional

Chris Lovin

Chris Lovin

Principal Architect

Key Projects

PRIMEbusiness to conducted a feasibility study aimed at completing a Remove from Acute Care Service (RACS) of the East Wing Tower and Radiology Department at the UC Davis Medical Center. The study’s primary focus encompassed a comprehensive analysis of building joints, interconnected utilities, and egress pathways, while also identifying potential...

East Tower RACS Investigation

East Tower RACS Investigation

A 332,000 square foot mixed-use complex that will consolidate University administration and programs. The project includes University administration offices, a student health and wellness clinic, an alumni center, a conference center and a parking garage amongst its many programs.

Triton Center

Triton Center

$310 Million, CM/GC

A 972,000 square foot mixed-use neighborhood that will include 2400 beds, the Economics Department and the Thurgood Marshall College administration.

Ridge Walk North Living and Learning Neighborhood

Ridge Walk North Living and Learning Neighborhood

$530 Million

(PRIME Business) took time to understand the overall goals of each effort, leveraging this understanding to guide our team to the ultimate goal of delivery. He is also an effective communicator, meticulously organized, and was instrumental in distilling sometimes complex issues into legible metrics that can be weighed and decided...

Matthew Smith, Architect/Program Manager, UCSD

North Torrey Pines Living and Learning Neighborhood

$523 million, Stipulated Sum Design-Build

(PRIMEbusiness has) recently worked with our team on a multi-phase retrofit of our two chemistry buildings; totaling over $36 million. This retrofit is entering its 3rd and final phase this summer with great success, substantially due to (PRIMEbusiness’) input in the planning and execution of the construction work.

Bill Star, Executive Director ICP, UC Davis

Chemistry Building Complex Seismic Upgrades

$30 million (estimated), Design-Bid-Build

A study commissioned by UC Davis to analyze change orders on completed construction projects to determine causes and sub-causes of construction changes in order to facilitate avoidance of similar changes in the future. PRIMEbusiness examined every change on 7 distinct projects, determined the root cause of each change, documented the...

Forensics Study of Change Orders

Forensics Study of Change Orders

PRIMEbusiness has added tremendous value on every project they have assisted me on. Their valuable insight into addressing key constructability and cost control issues is born from a wealth of direct experience in building construction. They are proactive in plan review, preventing many problems before they occur. In addition, they...

Bill Star, Executive Director ICP, UC Davis

Veterinary Medicine 3B

$58 million, Design-Bid-Build

PRIMEbusiness provides years of experience and firsthand knowledge in contract review and oversight. Their understanding of the Owner’s perspective and Contractor’s mindset is invaluable.

Jill Tomczyk, Associate Director FD&C, LEED BD+C UC Davis Health | California Hospital Tower Team Facilities Design & Construction

California Tower

$3.75 billion, Progressive Design-Build