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Chemistry Building Complex Seismic Upgrades

(PRIMEbusiness has) recently worked with our team on a multi-phase retrofit of our two chemistry buildings; totaling over $36 million. This retrofit is entering its 3rd and final phase this summer with great success, substantially due to (PRIMEbusiness’) input in the planning and execution of the construction work.

Bill Star, Executive Director ICP, UC Davis

Client Name: UC Davis

Project Completion: Ongoing

Project Cost: $30 million (estimated)

Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build

This project provided needed seismic upgrades to the Chemistry Building Complex as well as associated accessibility and other miscellaneous, required improvements.
PRIMEbusiness’ services include:

  • Project Cost Estimating
    • All Phases
  • Constructability Reviews
    • All Phases
  • Construction Administration Services

    • Schedule Review
    • RFI Review
    • Construction Solutions
    • Change Verification