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Veterinary Medicine 3B

PRIMEbusiness has added tremendous value on every project they have assisted me on. Their valuable insight into addressing key constructability and cost control issues is born from a wealth of direct experience in building construction. They are proactive in plan review, preventing many problems before they occur. In addition, they are also skilled in analysis of construction progress and change order negotiations. They are consistently able to provide support where it is needed to move projects forward effectively.

Bill Star, Executive Director ICP, UC Davis

Client Name: UC Davis

Project Completion: 2013

Project Cost: $58 million

Delivery Method: Design-Bid-Build

Vet Med 3B is a four-story structural research laboratory containing primary and support laboratories as well as faculty office space. The building is structural steel encompassed by a precast concrete and curtain wall façade. Many sustainable features were incorporated in the design leading to the project obtaining the Best Practices Award 2009 for all California higher education projects.

PRIMEbusiness’ services included:

  • Value Engineering
  • Component Estimating
  • Site Surveying
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Schedule Reviews
  • Change Order Reviews
  • Onsite Review of Construction Practices and Workflow
  • Claims Avoidance Strategy