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East Tower RACS Investigation

PRIMEbusiness to conducted a feasibility study aimed at completing a Remove from Acute Care Service (RACS) of the East Wing Tower and Radiology Department at the UC Davis Medical Center. The study’s primary focus encompassed a comprehensive analysis of building joints, interconnected utilities, and egress pathways, while also identifying potential obstacles. The overarching objectives were to assess feasibility, propose viable solutions, and offer recommendations for the successful realization of the RACS of the East Wing Tower.

East Tower RACS Investigation

Client Name: UC Davis Health

PRIMEbusiness’ services include:

  • Field Investigation:
    • Investigate building joints above and below ceiling to verify joints and document utilities crossing the joints.
    • Review current occupant egress paths versus originally designed egress paths versus future potential egress paths and report on the findings.
    • Review necessary construction barriers and document impacts of these findings.
  • Project Documentation:
      • Prepare a report on all investigations, findings and conclusions of the efforts..